Scheduling Facilities

Scheduling Meetings and Events

To reserve a Zoom account for a virtual meeting, please email Laira Magnusson.

Reserve a Room

Always reserve a room for your meeting as far in advance as possible, but at least one week ahead of time, by filling out the Room Reservations for Church Groups Form. Meeting without reserving the space, even if you have a key,  may result in interrupted meetings and breaches of building security.

To schedule a room, please include the 1) Date needed, 2)Meeting start and end times, and 3)Contact person’s name, email address, and daytime phone number.

To schedule regular ongoing meetings please also include the day of the week needed, frequency of meetings, and an end date.  For example: third Wednesday of every month until December 31st; every other Sunday until July 31st.

Notify the office each October/November if you plan to continue meeting the following year.

The administrator will check the availability of your request and get back to you within one week with your options.

Check Out a Key

Come by the office during regular office hours to sign out a key (Sun-Th, 9-1). There is a $50 refundable key deposit for members who need to hold a key on a long term basis (longer than one month).  Copying or loaning a church key you have borrowed is prohibited.

After your meeting, return furniture to its stored location, and leave the room clean which includes taking trash out if the can is full. Please turn off the lights and the heating/cooling and then secure the building.

You are responsible for locking up.