Staff Directory

First Unitarian’s offices are open Sunday-Thursday from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm. All First Unitarian Staff can be reached at 505-884-1801, where you can leave a message if they are not in the office. Email addresses are listed below.

Staff Organization Chart


The Rev. Angela Herrera, Senior Minister

The Rev. Bob LaVallee, Associate Minister: sabbatical through October 18)




Religious Education

Mia Noren, Director of Religious Education:

Alana Rodriguez, Religious Education & Youth Programs Coordinator: or

Music & Worship

Susan Peck, Director of Music:


Laira Magnusson, Director of Congregational Life: 

Bryan Hackett, Director of Finance:

Jennifer Haack, Bookkeeper: 

Erin Snider, Church Administrator:

Rick Held, Information Technology:


Miguel Perez, Director of Facilities:

Mark Fickler, Facilities Manager: