Social Justice Groups

First Unitarian Justice Groups

These are justice programs that are operated and supported by church members.

 ESL and Citizenship Learning Community

Serving immigrant adults in the community.

Cathy Intemann, ESL Program:
Maura Lewiecke, Citizenship Program:

After School Tutoring

Providing one-on-one tutoring to at risk students in our neighborhood.

Contact: Carol Oslund,

Earth Web

Our primary focus is global warming as we care for the Earth through both study and action.  Contact: Marilyn O’Boyle,

Family Promise

First U is One of several area churches and synagogues that provide support and meals to Albuquerque families who are experiencing homelessness, for a week every quarter. Contact: Peggy Whitmore,

Food Pantry

Shopping, packing, and distributing food to those in need via drive-through distribution operations. Contact: Al Burgermeister,

Immigrant Justice Task Force

Supporting the rights, dignity, and well-being of the immigrant community and working for justice, equity, and compassion for local immigrant neighbors.  Contact: Martha Ketelle,

LGBTIQ+ Welcoming Congregation

First U value’s sexuality and gender diversity and see it as a spiritual gift by creating inclusive religious communities and work for LGBTIQ+ justice and equity as a core part of who we are. Contact: Ollie Bradstreet,

Community Justice Groups

First Unitarian interacts with, and is a member of, a variety of community and statewide justice groups.

Albuquerque FaithWorks

An alliance of congregations seeking wholeness for our community as we learn, serve, and advocate with those living on the margins.  Contact: Peggy Whitmore,

Albuquerque Interfaith

Twenty-five unions, churches, and schools working together to promote citizen participation in the democratic process.  Contact: Martha Ketelle,

Albuquerque Interfaith Power & Light

Works for climate justice by mobilizing faith communities, faith leaders and people of faith to reduce the causes and consequences of global climate change. Core belief is that active care of the natural world is integral to spiritual life and social justice.  Contact: Marilyn O’Boyle,

Alliance for Local Economic Prosperity

Working to establish public banking to keep our public revenue safe, local and working in New Mexico communities.  Contact: Angela Merkert,

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

The UUSC, together with its grassroots partners, advances human rights world-wide and mentors’ young people in justice activism.  The UUSC provides justice resources to UU churches and is supported by the Guest at Your Table program.  Contact: Kenny Jones,