Tree Climbing Rules and Permission Slip

Tree Climbing on the Playground

Climbing the trees on our playground has long been a rite of passage for children at First Unitarian Church. Filling out a permission slip makes parents aware of our tree-climbing rules and gives us permission to let your children climb the trees without you present. Any child can climb the trees if their parent is present and they comply with the rules.

Please note, you do not need to fill out a permission slip every year you register for RE.
If you have filled out a slip in the past, it is still valid.




  • No more than two children in a tree. Please wait for your turn and don’t start climbing if there are already two children in the tree.
  • Closed-toe shoes must be worn – sneakers or tennis shoes. Do not climb the trees with sandals, flip-flops, jellies, or bare feet.
  • No one may be lifted into the tree. Tree-climbers must be able to get up into the branches on their own, without the use of an aid.
  • Tree-climbers should stay out of the upper one-third of the tree, and away from the ends of limbs.
  • Tree-climbers must be able to climb down by themselves.
  • Adults may direct children to come down out of the tree if they assess that children are not following the tree-climbing rules.
  • Children who are registered in our R.E. program and who have a tree sticker on their name tag will be allowed to climb the trees.
  • Only trees in the Playground may be climbed.
RE Tree Climbing Permission Form