Reducing Size of the Board of Directors

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Section 01 Board Composition

(a) Composition of the Board

The Board of Directors shall be composed of 9 members elected in staggered fashion for two-year terms, Two additional Board members shall be including the President and Treasurer.

(b) Board Tenure, Vacancies and Removal

The members of the Board shall take office immediately on February 1st upon following election following adjournment of at the Annual meeting.  Board terms of office end January 31st.

Vacancy of any office due to death, resignation, or other cause shall be filled by the Board by appointment with the input of the Leadership Succession Committee. When a standing committee vacancy occurs, the time served during the vacancy will not be counted toward term limits. At the following Annual Meeting, an election will be held for a new term. 

Reasons to Reduce Size of the Board
  • Follows best practices from other UU churches of similar size.
  • Improves efficiency and enhances trust-building among a smaller group.
  • Reduces the number of leaders that need to be recruited each year, which has been increasingly difficult