Publicity for Church Committees and Groups

Messenger Newsletter Submissions

Our monthly newsletter, The Messenger, is available to communicate church-sponsored and –affiliated events coming up in the next month. Items may be published once. The word limit is 130 words or less. Longer articles will be edited, and edits will be sent to the author for approval when requested. Digital photos are welcome!

Send articles to with “Messenger” in the subject line by the 15th of the previous month (e.g., October 15 for the November issue).

Weekly eBroadsheet Submissions

Our weekly digital newsletter, the eBroadsheet is available to promote church-affiliated events coming up in the next two weeks.  The word limit is 100 words or less. Articles will run for two consecutive weeks in most cases. Photos are welcome.

Send your eBroadsheet submissions to by Wednesdays at noon, with “eBroadsheet” in the subject line.

Sunday Written and Verbal Announcements

Written Announcements in the Order of Service

These announcements must be submitted by Tuesday at noon, but the sooner the better. The Order of Service fills up quickly.  If the Order of Service is already full that week, we will work with you to find alternative methods of communication.

Announcements should be 30 words or less, and should relate to church-affiliated activities coming up in the next week, or more urgent needs for volunteers or donations.

Email announcements to with “Order of  Service” in the subject line.

Verbal Announcements on Sundays

Verbal announcements are reserved for more immediate events and urgent needs for volunteers or donations, and must be approved by a minister. Announcements should be brief (3 sentences or less.) If you need to communicate contact information for your group, please use a written  announcement.

Email requests for verbal announcements to with “Sunday Announcement” in the subject line.

Pulpit Editorials

To schedule a pulpit editorial, contact the ministers with a written draft of your five-minute editorial. Pulpit editorials should be reflective and spiritual in nature. You will be contacted regarding  suggestions, guidelines and scheduling.  Announcements about group activities should use other communication resources.

Church Website Content

Contact our Director of Congregational Life, Laira Magnusson, by phone or email ( to discuss options for including content for your group or committee on the website.  We can work with you within our website guidelines to develop and publish content for your committee or group.

Meeting Minutes

The minutes of all Board and committee meetings should be emailed ( to the church office within 40 days following each meeting per church bylaws.