Adult Religious Education: Current Offerings

Join us for community and conversation on a variety of topics. Bring your tea or coffee and settle in for a sharing of ideas. Our meeting time is changing to 10:00 am starting September 12.
Meeting ID: 842 4289 2753
Passcode: 041625

September 5 at 9:30 am—Opening to Possibility. How shall we open ourselves to considering, even embracing, new opportunities? Our UU faith holds that we are not sinners at our core, rather we are humans of possibility and potential. What practices, people, ideas support you considering, “Why not?” when opportunities arise for you?
Angela Merkert, facilitator.

September 12—Opportunities to See Our Community with New Eyes. What could be different? Let’s consider the possibilities that would make the Albuquerque metro area, your neighborhood, an even more thriving community. Let’s envision what could be possible if we responded, “Why not?” to new ideas.
Angela Merkert, facilitator.

September 19—Possibility as a Gathering of Power. The poet Robert Bly in his poem “Things to Think” writes, “Think in ways you’ve never thought before….” What powers, energy, faith emerges when we change our perspective, look at our thoughts and the world through new lenses, and open ourselves to, and create, change?
Angela Merkert, facilitator.

September 26—Nature: Finding the Mother Tree is a compelling book by Suzanne Simard, a professor at the U. Of British Columbia and world’s leading forest ecologist. Her insights point toward a paradigm shift in how we view trees in the forest and their connections to one another. Time permitting, we’ll move to “Arboreal reverence.”
Ron Friederich, facilitator.