Parent Information

Parent Information 

 General Information

Our Religious Education (RE) program is a cooperative community, planned and organized by staff but led by parents. Each family registering children or youth in our programs is required to provide at least 16 volunteer hours. This can take the form of joining a teaching team, joining the youth advisor pool, acting as a floater and helping out with Special Events, volunteering with our summer UU Kids Camp, or becoming an OWL facilitator.

  • Each year, participants in the RE program must complete a RE registration form.
  • All children, eighth grade and younger, on the Church grounds or the Church building on Sunday morning, must either be in programming or directly supervised by a parent or guardian.
  • Parents are welcomed and encouraged to attend sessions with their children, particularly if the children are hesitant at first. Parents are also welcome to bring their children to the worship service in the Sanctuary.
  • Please make an effort to be on time to RE so that there are limited disruptions to class activities.
  • We ask that you pick up your children promptly. Children in 5th grade and younger must be picked up after class.  They will not be dismissed on their own.  Please be mindful of this when socializing after Worship Services.
  • Please keep sick children at home! If your child has a contagious condition or has experienced fever (or has required fever-reducing medication), vomiting or diarrhea in the past 24 hours, for the health and welfare of your child as well as others, please keep your child at home.


Child Protection Policies

We care about the safety and welfare of our children, youth and adults.  Persons working with youth have a high level of responsibility for their own conduct and for vigilance in the protection of our young people.  Our safety policies and procedures include:

  • Two adults are present at all children and youth gatherings.
  • If you are the first to drop off your child and there is only one teacher or adult, you must stay until another teacher or adult arrives.
  • Background checks are performed on all staff and volunteers who work with children and youth.
  • Parents supervise children on the playground before and after RE classes.
  • Children must be registered and medical concerns noted.
  • Parents sign in/out children 5th grade and under.
  • Teachers are trained on the best route to exit in an emergency. Limited first aid kits are provided in every classroom and a more complete kit is in the RE Kitchen.
  • Two doors are in all classrooms.

Dress for the Weather

Children should come dressed for the weather and dressed for fun.  “Dressing up” is not required.  They will go outside for some portion of the morning unless the weather is bad, so bring labeled coats and sweaters when the weather warrants.

 Expectations for Behavior

In the RE Program, we seek to engage children and youth within an atmosphere of mutual respect and kindness.  At the beginning of the Church year, all classes create a “Class Covenant,” stating how they will be in community with each other. In order to ensure a safe learning environment for all participants, we expect a method of interacting guided by our covenants.  In the event that a child needs help meeting these expectations, the following steps may be taken: verbal correction from the teacher, removal from group, conversation with the  Director of Religious Education, consultation with parents, and/or parents asked to take part in the class.

In the spirit of community, we ask that our children and youth “be present” in class.  This means they do not bring books, phones, or toys into the room with them unless it is meant to be used with the lesson.  Ideally, all children will be present in mind and spirit, but if your child has a special need to bring something from home, please speak with Mia Noren, Director of Religious Education.

Food and Drink

Because of the wide range of sensitivities, allergies, and preferences regarding food and drink among our families, we do not supply any type of snack during the regular RE class times. We prefer to let parents pick up their children promptly and take them to the Social Hall for the social time snacks, where parents can monitor what their children are consuming.

Occasionally, a lesson in the curriculum will call for a specific food as part of the lesson. Teachers can let the RE staff know if they require something for this, and we’ll supply it for you. Food sensitivities, allergies, and preferences are on file for children registered in RE, and we will make you aware if there is the possibility of such a situation in your class.

Parent Resources

Mia Noren, Director of Religious Education, is available to answer any questions you may have about the program.  She can be reached in the Religious Education Office at 505-884-1801 or email at