Our Banners

About Our Banners

The various symbols on the four banners in the Social Hall represent ecology and the environment, feminist theology, Native American spirituality, and scientific research and exploration–sources of wisdom, inspiration, and spirituality. Members donated ideas and materials, and the banners were completed in January 1996.



Over the Northeast Door

The banner over the northeast door symbolizes the Tree of Life, which appears universally in art and religion.



Over the Southeast Door

This banner shows our Earth, hanging in space–a blue-green marble, fragile and beautiful, as seen by the astronauts on their first flight through outer space.



Over the Southwest Door

This banner incorporates various Native American symbols of spirituality against a background of outstanding features of our beautiful local environment.



Over the Northwest Door

This banner features the four elements–earth, air, fire, and water–as well as the serpent (representing wisdom and death and rebirth) and seashells (related to the spiral and to the goddess and fertility).