Office Services for Church Committees and Groups

At the start of each Fiscal Year in January,  the leadership and  membership of  committees and groups often changes. Please email any changes to the Church  Administrator  so we can update our records.



Each group is responsible for providing its own agendas, meeting notifications, and minutes. Copies may be made on the church copier (located in the office).

Record your copies on the clipboard next to the copier. Your group will be charged at five cents per side on white paper, ten cents per side on color paper, and twenty-five cents per side for full-color printing.


With sufficient notice and sufficient volunteers, the office staff can   create and assist with mailings.  Any supplies and postage will be charged to your group.


Mailboxes are provided for some groups in the church office so that staff members and church members can leave messages and other   information for your members there. Please check your box weekly.

Promotional Materials

There is a bulletin board outside the Memorial Hall for church-related and community activities, and limited space in the office for display of events happening at the church. The Church Administrator must clear any notices before posting. You can also promote church-related activities and events in church publications and communications.

Audio-Visual Support

Office staff can assist with your audio-visual needs when arranged ahead of time. Please do not expect staff to be able to set up equipment on the spot. Call or come by the office a few days before your meeting or event to request equipment and receive training on how to use it.

If your meeting or event requires extensive audio-visual support, we may need to hire a contracted technician to assist you. This charge starts at $75.00/hour.