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January 8, 2023(6 events)

9:00 am: African-American History Exhibit Opening

January 8, 2023

The under-told story of African-American History in the American Southwest will be highlighted in a new exhibit opening in the Social Hall on Sunday, January 8.
Created by local historian (and friend of the church) Sherri Burr, the exhibit covers 400 years of African-American history in the United States. The original exhibit, held at the African-American Pavilion of the Expo Center in 2019, displayed images and text that provided an eye-opening and comprehensive view of African-American history since 1619, when the governor of Virginia exchanged supplies for captive Africans aboard an English privateer ship.
Ms. Burr’s updated exhibit will include seldom-seen images and little-known information about African-American history in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and the greater Southwest. This new focus presents a rare opportunity to learn about African-American history in our own city and state.
A mercado including art, photos, and a book written by Ms. Burr will be held with the exhibit. Refreshments will be served. Ms. Burr will also deliver a pulpit editorial during worship, and local jazz pianist Lydia Clark and vocalist Lowell Burton will perform African-American music.

10:00 am: All YoUUth

January 8, 2023

Join Youth Programs Coordinator Alana Rodriguez each week for our religious education program for 6th-12th grade.

10:00 am: Coffee & Chat for Elementary Parents

January 8, 2023

Attention, parents of elementary aged children! Do you love your kids, but could use a few minutes of adult interaction? Do you enjoy drinking coffee or tea while it’s still hot? Do you have opinions about cookies? If so, please join us for our “parents drink coffee while kids are in RE” concept.
We will have singing, crafts, and stories for the kids in the RE foyer (the building southwest of the sanctuary), and coffee, tea, and snacks for the adults in the adjoining Memorial Hall. We’re looking forward to seeing you all!

10:00 am: Religious Education for Children

January 8, 2023

Our Rainbow Principles curriculum for 2022–23 will begin September 11 and we’ll start with learning about our chalice. The second and third week we’ll learn about covenant and create our own together. Children will have the opportunity to create their own chalice each week in September.
Class starts at 10:00 am. Each 45-minute class will begin with a song led by one of our UU musicians, and then a chalice lighting and check-in: the Roses and Thorns that are our children’s Joys and Concerns. We’ll read a story together and talk about its meaning. Then we play. A variety of activities are available for children to choose from, and volunteer RE leaders and assistants companion the children, talking, playing, and building relationship. We end at 10:45 so that volunteers and families have the time to go to the service together or get settled on our playground.
Each month, we’ll explore how we live another Unitarian Universalist Principle together. In October, we’ll explore the first Rainbow Principle: Respect the worth and dignity of each person. I hope that you will join our community!

12:15 pm: Earth Web Monthly Meeting

January 8, 2023

First Unitarian’s environmental team, Earth Web, meets on the second Sunday of each month at 12:15 pm, both on campus and on Zoom, and all are welcome to attend. This year we plan to focus on water issues, looking at both personal and congregational ways to use our scarce resource responsibly. We will offer opportunities to educate and celebrate around this issue. We will also engage in legislative action on conservation, environmental, and water issues. Please consider visiting the NM State Engineer’s website,, for information on xeriscaping. Contact Marilyn O’Boyle at if you would like more information about getting involved!

12:30 pm: Young Adults Group Meeting

January 8, 2023

Our group for adults ages 18-35 meets every Sunday at 12:30 pm in the Arnold Room to share, live, grow, and love together. Come join us! Email EmmaLia Mariner at to learn more and to join our Discord server.