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African-American History Exhibit Viewing

February 9, 2023

February is Black History Month a nation-wide celebration of African American history and accomplishments. Start your celebration with a visit to the current African American History exhibit in the Social Hall! Created by historian and law professor Dr. Sherri Burr, the exhibit provides a comprehensive view of 400 years of African American history in a single location. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t miss it.
If you would like to see it again, please do! Composed of many images taken from history and document excerpts that provide context, the exhibit is worth a second look. Images taken from prints, drawings, and news clippings from the days of legal slavery provide a compelling view of our country’s racist past, which arguably continues to this day. Images of historical figures like Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglas are also on display. Most images may be purchased.
The exhibit can be viewed on Sunday mornings, and on select weekdays, co-hosted by the Arts & Aesthetics Committee and the Widening the Circle Group. Contact Peggy Roberts at for weekly dates, or keep an eye on the broadsheet and Orders of Service calendar. Arts & Aesthetics Committee representatives are available during exhibit hours for sales of prints.

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