Memorial Wall

It is a great privilege and ministry of First Unitarian to help mark the death of a loved one and assist families in honoring the deceased. Many of our members and friends choose to conduct a memorial service in our Sanctuary or Memorial Hall to accomplish this.

When the service is over and the time of communal grieving is past, the Church offers ways to physically memorialize your loved one within our community. Request Form Plaque and Cinerarium 2023

Rod Groves and Bill Fanslow (along with Jane Baldwin and Karen Deaton) designed and built our Memorial Wall.

In 2001, the church established a Memorial Wall. It is a monument dedicated to remembering the departed members and friends of our Church.  The wall serves as a “history in stone,” a partial record of those members who have built and sustained our beloved religious community. The wall is located in the garden area behind our Memorial Hall. The face of the wall features a grouping of name plaques: durable, kiln-fired tiles with the deceased’s name and birth and death years. The wall’s design also includes a cinerarium, a space inside the wall where cremated remains can be placed. This space is a single cavity so that ashes can intermingle.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Who may be remembered on the wall?

Participation in the wall is limited to church members and contributing friends. Other persons with a significant relationship to the church may also be considered.

What are the options?

After a death, families or friends may choose to add a name plaque, to place ashes, or to do both for the deceased. All or a portion of a person’s ashes may be placed in the wall.

How do I get my loved one memorialized?

Families are asked to sign a form to include their loved one in the wall. Simply request the form by visiting or calling the church office at (505) 884-1801 or emailing our administrator at We can then arrange for a name plaque, if requested, and can assist the family in placing ashes, as well.

What are the costs?

Due to the generosity of a current church member, there are no charges for a name plaque at this time. To assist the Church in maintaining the monument and the surrounding memorial garden, your contributions are encouraged.

Annual Church Ceremony

Every year in November, our ministers plan and conduct a special service to honor all the persons with name plaques or ashes included in the wall. Watch for announcements in October or contact the Church Administrator. All members are welcome to attend.

Can I plan ahead?

Yes. Any eligible person may request to participate. The church office can provide you with the appropriate form or you can download it here. Once your request form is complete, the office will keep it on file, and you can include instructions to your family for fulfilling your wishes.