Religious Education for Children & Youth in 2022

Elementary Religious Education Updates

Our Rainbow Principles curriculum for 2022–23 has begun! In September, we’ll start with learning about our chalice. The second and third week we’ll learn about covenant and create our own together. Children will have the opportunity to create their own chalice each week in September.
Class starts at 10:00 am. Each 45-minute class will begin with a song led by one of our UU musicians, and then a chalice lighting and check-in: the Roses and Thorns that are our children’s Joys and Concerns. We’ll read a story together and talk about its meaning. Then we play. A variety of activities are available for children to choose from, and volunteer RE leaders and assistants companion the children, talking, playing, and building relationship. We end at 10:45 so that volunteers and families have the time to go to the service together or get settled on our playground, which is open for supervised play from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm. 
Each month, we’ll explore how we live another Unitarian Universalist Principle together. In October, we’ll explore the first Rainbow Principle: Respect the worth and dignity of each person. I hope that you will join our community! If you are interested in volunteering with children, contact me at

Mia Noren, Director of Religious Education, Credentialed

All-Youth Sunday Programming

Here we are: another year, a new crop of youth, and a new set of themes to explore. Kicking us off is the theme of Belonging. Just saying the word “belonging” conjures it up: The primal hunger to be included; the longing to be let in. No one likes standing outside the circle. No one likes leaning against the locked door listening while everyone is laughing inside. From the time we are little, belonging is the thing we seek. We only grow when the circle does.
It’s all one big reminder that the true blessing of belonging is not that you get to come inside the circle; it’s that you get to participate in expanding it. This is the truth we have to remember over and over again: As the circle grows, so do we. Join our circle on Sundays at 10:00 am in the La Amikoj Room, starting September 11. For more information about the youth program, including being a youth advisor, contact me at

Alana Rodriguez
Youth Programs Coordinator, RE Assistant