Holiday Services

Wednesday, December 8: Blue December Service

7:00 pm over Zoom. Click here to join.

The cultural noise and speed of the December holiday season can be a strain for many of us. For some, the expectations of peace, love, and joy surrounded by family and friends is not been their experience. For others, December may be the anniversary of a memorable loss in your life: the death of a loved one; the end of a precious relationship, or another serious disappointment. Fewer hours of daylight make some of us blue at this time of year. If, for any reason, this time of year finds you longing for a calm, reflective approach to the season, you are invited to the Blue December service. Music, silence, companionship, and thoughtful words will surround and comfort us all. Have a candle or two on hand to light. This service will run slightly longer than most vespers.


Friday, December 24: Christmas Eve

Virtual Family Christmas Eve Service: 5:00 pm over Zoom. Click here to join.

The Puppets have taken over the WHOLE service and are doing it ALL BY THEMSELVES! (Well, with a little help from the ministers and musicians) Their candles are ready.  Are yours? 

Join us on Zoom for a heartwarming service for the whole family at 5:00 pm.  It will also be on the church website and available for streaming all weekend.  As always, an offering will be taken to fund the church’s food pantry in 2022. 


Caroling in the Courtyard has been cancelled due to expected rainy weather.
Christmas Eve in the Sanctuary: 7:00 pm

All are welcome to this in-person Christmas Eve service, where we’ll pray, light candles, and contemplate an ancient story that is still unfolding. Weather permitting, we will take our candlelight out into the courtyard at the end of the service for Silent Night. Masks and social distancing are required at in-person services. This service will be livestreamed from the Sanctuary on over Zoom and in the Social Hall.