Current Covid-Related Recommendations

Please click here to read the most current recommendations (as of 3/24/2023) from our COVID Advisory Council.

In June 2020, an interdisciplinary advisory council was formed to guide First Unitarian’s Board and ministers in determining how much to re-open, when to re-open, how to do so as safely as possible, and under what circumstances we would consider closing the campus again during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The advisory council currently consists of the following church members whose educational/experiential backgrounds are of particular benefit to this work:

  • Former Congregational President Mikaela Renz-Whitmore, a city planner
  • Board Member Carla Williams, a first responder
  • James Probasco, a family practice physician at Presbyterian Medical Group
  • Jon Eldredge, PhD in Public Policy, Professor at UNM HSLIC, School of Medicine, and College of Population Health. 

They were joined by Associate Minister Bob LaVallee and convened by Senior Minister Angela Herrera.