Current Covenant Group Materials

Topics and Materials for 2021-2022

April: Awakening and Gratitude
Awakening Prep
Awakening Gather

Gratitude Prep
Gratitude Gather

March: Nurturing and Renewing Faith
Nurturing Prep
Nurturing Gather

Renewing Faith Prep
Renewing Faith Gather

February: What You Learned from Your Grandparents and Widening the Circle – Welcoming
Grandparents Prep
Grandparents Gather

Widening the Circle Prep
Widening the Circle Gather

January: Expectations and Living with Intention
Expectations Prep
Expectations Gathering

Living with Intention Prep
Living with Intention Gathering

December: Vulnerability and Opening to Joy
Vulnerability Prep
Vulnerability Gathering

November: Turning Points and Holding History
Turning Points Prep
Turning Points Gathering

Holding History Prep
Holding History Gather

October: Listening and Cultivating Relationships
Listening Prep
Listening Gathering
Listening Facilitator Notes

Cultivating Relationships Prep
Cultivating Relationships Gather