Congregational Committees

Endowment Committee

The Endowment Committee consists of five members elected by the Congregation. The Committee recommends and oversees distributions from the Endowment Fund and ensures appropriate checks and balances for the long-term maintenance and health of the Endowment Fund. The Committee promotes the growth of the Endowment Fund, encourages and accepts gifts to the Fund, and ensures that all gifts are acknowledged, honored, and properly recorded for posterity in accordance with the policies of the Church. The Committee provides quarterly reports to the Board of Directors and submits a written report to the Congregation at each Annual Meeting.

The Endowment Committee generally meets quarterly. Current Chair: Gary Norris,

Leadership Succession Committee

The Leadership Succession Committee (LSC) consists of seven members elected by the Congregation. The Committee consults with the ministers and lay leadership concerning candidates for elected Standing Committee positions and provides a slate of nominees to the Congregation whenever elections are held. In addition, the LSC makes recommendations to the Board when interim appointments to Standing Committees are needed. The LSC also appoints members to Councils from a list provided by the Councils or the Board. When a new Senior Minister is to be chosen, the LSC nominates the members of the Search Committee. The Leadership Succession Committee Resource Book is available here.

The LSC meets monthly. Current Chair, Marilyn O’Boyle. Other committee members: Sue Coates, Jordan Jones, Martha Ketelle, Nancy Kilpatrick, Jacob Shull ,Ted Zuschlag

Board Committees

Building and Grounds Committee

The Building and Grounds Committee anticipates and evaluates the need for maintenance and improvement projects that are beyond the scope of the Facilities Manager.  This Committee assists it in its responsibility of seeing to the upkeep, utility, and attractiveness of the Church’s indoor and outdoor spaces and advises the Board on the ramifications of all proposals to remodel or make structural changes in any of the Church’s buildings or hardscape, or to dramatically change the landscape.

Current Chair: Stephen Phillips

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee acts as the Board’s experts on the Church’s financial condition, on the soundness of budget preparation, and on the ongoing financial condition of the Church. They monitor adherence by staff to policy and advise the Board on needed policy creation, procedure change, or any non-adherence to policy. They are responsible for authorizing and approving expense vouchers, and reviewing tax returns and bank reconciliation statements.

The Finance Committee meets monthly, generally the second Tuesday of the month. 

Healthy Community Committee

The Healthy Community Committee (HCC) consists of at least two church members plus a Board member and a minister. The HCC is responsible for creating and overseeing the implementation of the Safe Congregation Policy, outlined on page 37 of the Congregation & Board Policy Manual, which protects vulnerable persons in our community from abuse. The HCC assists in establishing and maintaining a Congregation that is safe, communicates well, and deals competently with conflict. The HCC developed the Conflict Management Procedures and Guidelines . The HCC meets at least quarterly.

Current Chair, Sara Wofford

Landscape Committee

The Landscape Committee oversees the planting areas of the whole of the Albuquerque campus, ensuring that these areas are maintained to support programmatic needs while reflecting the congregation’s environmentalist values and complying with city ordinances. The Committee is also empowered to make decisions on what shall be planted, either in new spots or to replace existing plantings. Meeting minutes are archived here.

Current Chair: Martha Ketelle

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee has seven to 10 members. The Membership Committee welcomes visitors, initiates or assists with programs to increase and develop membership and responds to needs of new members as they become involved in the congregation. In addition, the committee follows up with inactive members to encourage their participation.

Current Chair: Gwen Sawyer

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee assists the Board in its oversight of the Congregation’s personnel matters. This includes insuring that the Church’s Personnel Manual is adequate and that all staff is functioning consistent with Board policies related to personnel matters.  The Personnel Committee meets as needed

Chair: Geri Knoebel,

Radical Generosity (Stewardship) Committee

The Board selects the Chair of the Committee and determines the charge for the annual stewardship campaign.  The Committee designs and conducts a campaign to educate the Congregation (and other interested people) about the Church’s funding needs each year, as determined by the Board and receive pledges. The year round stewardship committee may recruit additional volunteers to help run the fall campaign, and as needed.  Inspire new and increased giving during the campaign, and inspire new pledges and giving throughout the year. The Committee provides regular reports on campaign results to the Board and the congregation.

Current Chair: Jan Harper Email:

Board Teams and Task Forces

Strategic Planning Task Force

The Board created the Strategic Planning Task Force in 2014 to help the congregation create a 5-year plan and convened again in 2021 to create our current Strategic Plan. The Task Force guides the congregation as it discusses and decides its priorities for strengthening our faith community.

8th Principle Explorations Task Force

In 2022, the congregation named anti-racism / anti-oppression / multiculturalism as a strategic direction for our church from 2022-2026 and committed to a year of learning and action around this work in preparation for a vote about adopting the 8th principle at our annual meeting in January 2023. The board created an 8th Principle Explorations Task Force to guide our congregation in this year of learning and action. Charge to the Eighth Principle Task Force The 8th Principle was adopted into our bylaws at the 2023 Annual Congregational Meeting.

Policy Governance Task Force

The Policy Governance Task Force is responsible for drafting policies for the Congregation and Board Policy Manual for approval by the Board. In 2013, through amended by-laws, the Congregation adopted the shared governance policy framework (Download Phase I Report)  The Policy Manual delineates the policy authority of the Congregation and the Board. The chair of the Policy Governance Task Force is Geri Knoebel.