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We Don’t Cancel Church

By the Rev. Angela Herrera Thursday, March 12, 2020 We’ve known for a few weeks now that Covid-19 was going to impact New Mexico. Around the globe, there are a growing number of bans...

4/26 – Coming of Age

“Coming of Age” The faith formation process is a lifelong journey. Be inspired by new perspectives on being a UU as our 8th graders tell us about their lives in this always-popular annual service.

4/19 – “Air” The Rev. Angela Herrera

“Air” The Rev. Angela Herrera Past Earth Day sermons have delved into “dirt” and “water.” Today we’ll consider the air we breathe, its rich spiritual connotations, and our responsibility toward it and each other....

“Struggle, Embodiment, and Black Humanism”

“Struggle, Embodiment, and Black Humanism” James Galasinski, Ministerial Resident This sermon will examine the unique contributions that African Americans have made to the humanist movement. Besides adding an important corrective voice by being skeptical...

1/11 “Eulogies”

1/11 “Eulogies”

“Eulogies” The Revs. Angela Herrera and Christine Robinson The popular, annual service dedicated to notable people who died in 2014. Come for good music and good stories! Music: Spare Parts