Campus Sharing Is Caring

First Unitarian shares their campus with the ABQ Center for Spiritual Living and Minara Muslim Community. AbqCSL, which shared space with Minara, sold their property on Louisiana Blvd and is searching for their next religious home. It is a joy to host both groups on our campus as renters and as partners in the work of love and justice. UUs are invited to services and activities of AbqCSL and Minara—and we welcome them into the UU community as well. To see their combined event calendar, you can visit their website:

In addition to the formal rental agreement, the Rev. Amani Malaika, Imam Abdur’Rauf Campos-Marquetti, Revs. Angela Herrera and Bob LaVallee, and Intern Minister Kristin Famula created a covenant together. With the goal of deepening our interfaith partnerships, it begins, “Our congregations are distinct, yet share values of love, justice, and diversity. We recognize and affirm our mutual commitment to creating a world that works for all and acknowledge the need for a collaborative, multi-disciplinary effort in creating the world we know is possible—a world of peace, unity, and human dignity for all.” You can find the whole covenant here.

The Rev. Amani Malaika, Imam Abdur’Rauf Campos-Marquetti, and the Rev. Angela Herrera

Our three religious communities have been sharing a campus this fall, and we teamed up to bring everyone together for a celebratory, multigenerational Christmas Eve! Thank you to Roger Harmon for the wonderful photos of a beautiful celebration of light and love.