Adult Religious Education: Current Offerings

Sunday Explorations
Bring your coffee or tea and join us on Sundays at 10:00 am, either in the Arnold Room or via Zoom. We wear masks inside and leave two doors open for air circulation. You are welcome to join us!
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Passcode: 041625

August 7–The Divine: A Lecture by Marilynne Robinson. In reactions to the recent awe-inspiring images we are viewing from the Webb telescope, social media posts use the word “divine,” a word not often used in contemporary times. This topic is taken from a 2016 lecture. It will be distributed to the ARE list and copies will be available.
Angela Merkert, facilitator.

August 14–”A Tapestry of Alternatives,” from Scientific American, “Science for Social Justice,” Spring/Summer 2022. Building communities and relationships that will support sustainable living for humans and non-humans. This article is from a special-topic SA and offers a values foundation for effective relationship building. Article will be shared.
Angela Merkert, facilitator.

August 21–”The Environmental Cost of Inequality,” from Scientific American, “Science for Social Justice,” Spring/Summer 2022. Environmental disruption is having a variety of effects on the world’s population. The impact of inequality amplifies those effects. As UUs, how are we to engage this issue? What are we doing now and what other opportunities do we have for action?
Angela Merkert, facilitator.

August 28–”When Life Stinks.” Rev. Angela Herrera’s sermon on March 27 will be read and discussed. When did life stink for you? She said “when it does, it helps to have a UU faith.” Why? “It is possible to find meaning in suffering.” What has been your experience? Future classes will be on sermons at our church. Note:This session will meet in the Arnold Room at 9:45. It will not be offered in hybrid.
Ron Friederich, facilitator.


Creating Theology Together
Join the Rev. Bob LaVallee to engage and to name your UU theology and identity. What do you believe? Why do you believe it? “Creating Theology Together” is a new curriculum that recognizes the value of cultivating our individual theologies and credos—as celebrated in the “Building Your Own Theology” curriculum—but extends beyond the individual to ask what shared values and beliefs ground our larger faith community, and what values and beliefs ground our faithful actions in the larger world. Course launches with a Saturday retreat on August 13 followed by 3 Saturday 2-hour sessions.

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