Spotlight on Staff: Bryan Hackett

by Cheri Plavnick, Radical Generosity Committee

As First U’s Director of Finance, Bryan Hackett prepares and oversees the expenditures for a 1.1 million-dollar operating budget. He is responsible to our Board of Directors, and to a democratic Congregation for managing the operating budget as well as capital expenses and ensuring that donations from many sources are properly designated according to donor wishes. Bryan also ensures that staff is compensated according to their employment agreements. Additionally, he supervises Jennifer Haack in her responsibilities that, in brief, include management of all financial bookkeeping and maintenance of records.

The most time-consuming aspect of the DOF role is the budgeting process which takes place in concert with the Annual Pledge Campaign. This is done in consultation with the Board of Directors and the Finance Committee to ensure that the next year’s budgeted expenditures are realistic based on the pledges committed. The aspect of being DOF that Bryan most enjoys is the technical aspect of his job, accurate completion of the spreadsheets so that each period closes out with all the numbers in the right place.

Years after earning a BS in Physics, Bryan completed the CPA exam and spent time unhappily working in the private sector. Though he liked the work, he recognized that, “I wanted to have meaning connected to social justice in a non-profit environment. Now, I am happy to come to work every day! I appreciate the staff and the mission of our church.”

His 30 hour per week appointment permits him to “maintain various forms of ministry and management of a small church” near his home in the east mountains. In his free time, Bryan loves doing walking meditation and getting away as often as possible to hike in beautiful places out of state with his partner, Ashley.

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