Spotlight on Staff: Erin Snider

by Cheri Plavnick of the Radical Generosity Committee

First Unitarian has recently welcomed our new church administrator, Erin Snider. We were very fortunate that she came on board two weeks prior to the departure of Tanya Kallan who served in that capacity since March 2022. Tanya recently completed her Master’s degree and has accepted a faculty position at CNM.

Before Tanya left, she and I met to talk about the extremely important role of the church administrator. A primary responsibility is the coordination of space usage for member meetings and public rentals. Even though every reservation request must be initiated by the requestor through the Building Rental header on the website, all requests are processed through the church administrator. Now it will be Erin who reviews the online requests to ensure that decisions are made on a timely and equitable basis.

Other important responsibilities of the church administrator include coordinating memorials of deceased First U members, managing campus shared facility hosting, coordinating dispersal and return of keys for all room reservations, supervising the front desk volunteers and knowing enough about all other staff functions that no matter what callers to First U are asking about, they are routed to the appropriate person.

Tanya has done an outstanding job and she has now prepared Erin to ably take over the church administrator role. Erin has recently relocated to Albuquerque from Dallas with her 9 year old son Dylan. She is excited about living in the Land of Enchantment and having landed her position in such a welcoming community. Please make a point of stopping into the church office to welcome Erin to her new home!

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