Caught in the Act of Generosity – Meghan Shattuck

Meghan Shattuck grew up in First Unitarian. Her family started attending regularly in the mid-90s, and she joined in 2002/2003 when she was in high school. Meghan says she was “what I would affectionately refer to as a weird kid” and the radical acceptance she found in the church was a big deal. There was a place for her in church that wasn’t there at school or other activities.

Meghan has had many volunteer roles over the years. She has worked with the Coming of Age Program, the ESL program, Radical Generosity, Family Promise, youth programming, the sound system back when the sanctuary was in the now-social hall, and the Board of Directors where she served as President. Currently, Meghan has chosen to focus on working with the UU Kids Camp and with the Realm rollout. She says she’s trying to be intentional about volunteering at the church, and learning to do so is a spiritual journey.

Meghan first attended the UU Kids Camp as an elementary school camper. Over the years she has been in every role, from camper, to CIT, to now one of the Camp Queens. Everything she knows about leadership, comes from camp in one way or another. She continues her work now because she wants to pass that experience on to the next generation, and because she knows that research has shown kids who attend a church camp are more likely to be engaged in their church community later in life.

She’s also been involved in the Realm rollout. She knows it is important that a church our size has a good way to keep track of its many members. Her employment involves data science and analysis, and that experience has been helpful in getting Realm up and running.
She says volunteering at the church is “baked into [her] at this point…Volunteering is just what you do… It’s our community and it wouldn’t be our community without us all bringing ourselves to share.” She adds, “I am a part of the village that raised me, and want to continue being a part of that… I want the weird kids (and weird grown-ups) to know this place is home and we will be here for them.”

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