A Message from Our Director of Religious Education, Mia Noren

In our congregation, we speak often of interdependence, and it’s one of the most important lessons we teach our kids. All things and all creatures are interdependent. All people are, too—in the world, in our communities, and right here in our church. Sometimes a person feels strong and capable. We can do so much! Other times being strong may mean acknowledging when we need to take a step back and let others take care of us and of the things we care about.

As those who are close to me know, I have been experiencing health issues for some time now. This week, it has reached a point where I need to take a step back and take some medical leave. I’ll be gone until mid-May, possibly a bit longer depending on my health care provider’s recommendation. RE Assistant and Youth Program Coordinator Alana Rodriguez is here for our RE families in my absence. I am so thankful to her, to the volunteers who work with her, and to the rest of our staff team.

I realize this message comes soon after Rev. Angela also took some medical leave. It is a blessing to work in a place that supports staff taking care of their health, having work life balance, and using the leave available to them. Thank you for being a congregation that affirms our interdependence and shows care for one another.

In faith,
Mia Noren

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