Consider ABQ Faithworks

by The Rev. Bob LaVallee
May 8, 2020

A few weeks ago, Rev. Angela shared a blog in which she responded to questions from generous folks who don’t need their stimulus check and want to use it to promote the common good. She cites many deserving organizations, like our partners the Roadrunner Food Bank and Family Promise.

Everyone in the fortunate position to make a donation should decide for themselves how to give, but Angela and I would like plug another First U partner: Albuquerque Faithworks. ABQ Faithworks was born out of the frustration of many clergy who were tired of offering unhoused people band aids like bus passes and grocery cards. They wanted to make a real difference in the lives of the desperate folks who were showing up at the doors of their churches.

Founded two years ago, eight congregations pooled resources to hire a social worker who could assist unhoused folks with navigating the system. By helping them access resources like housing, employment, and health care, ABQ Faithworks’ social worker Valerie Griego makes lasting change in the lives of the most vulnerable. I’ve personally connected Valerie with several folks affiliated with First U, and seen how she compassionately assists them. The program is working!

Here’s the tricky part: we launched this important project before the pandemic hit, and we had no idea it might become challenging to raise the special funds for it, even as the need has become greater than ever. This is where you come in. If you find yourself in the fortunate position of having extra money right now, please consider supporting this worthy endeavor. Donations can be made online by going here and clicking on “Giving page access” (choose “Other Donations” and note Faithworks in the box), or you can simply send a check to the church office. Be sure to write “Faithworks” in the memo line. Your support can bring more love into the world.

Rev. Bob

Photo by chris liu on Unsplash

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